Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love Church Camp!

From the time I was 8 years old I have spent one week every summer at camp. It was the week that I looked forward to the most throughout the whole year. Camp was where I decided to follow Jesus. Camp was where I heard God call me to a life of ministry. Camp was where I met men like Terry Reilly, Drew Petitti, and Tim Zakarian; men that invested in a young boy and helped to develop a young man. Camp is where I learned I could completely trust Jesus. And camp was always the most fun week of my summer.

This week, Adam McLane is writing a series of posts about the power of camp. We had Eric Carlson from Hilltop Christian Camp speak at our church Sunday night inviting our students to camp. I will be at Hilltop this summer with our middle school students and we’ll be sending young people to camp throughout the summer.

I believe camp is one of the most important spiritual investments we can make in the lives of our children.

  • Camp gives children an opportunity to experience worshipping Jesus daily.
  • Camp provides children with adult mentors that show what it is like to live for Jesus.
  • For this video game/cell phone/constantly connected generation camp provides an opportunity to disconnect from the noise of life and plug into the still small voice of God.
  • Camp is where children can experience a full week of Christian community.
  • Camp is fun.

Send your children to camp.

It really can transform their lives.

Where did you go to camp?

What was your camp experience like?

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